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I offer supervision for counsellors and therapists, both in training and those currently practicing.


Supervision is an opportunity for reflection, learning and growth. By asking questions and reflecting on your experiences we can look at the power of being there and listening, look for patterns and themes emerging, notice any areas of shame or disappearance, think about disentangling memories and responses. We often look at boundary issues and the resonance of the stories we are told by people. Above all it offers a space for review, a safe space to look at similarities and differences and to search for the jewels in both the therapist and the client.


These are weekly or fortnightly individual sessions, depending on levels of experience and workload. I can also offer group supervision to three or more people. These sessions would be for 2 hours monthly.


I have a Certificate in Relational Supervision and have been training and supervising social workers and staff in NGOs and voluntary organisations since the mid-80s.  


The fee for supervision is £60 a session.

Group supervision is £45 per session for a 2-hour session.

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"Supervision is  the creation of a space where the supervisee is able to reflect, discuss, explore and hypothesise about their client work to enable them to gain an awareness of their own and the client’s process."