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Assertiveness and Resilience Workshops

Assertiveness and mindfulness for women

Taking our power and finding our 'inner peacock'.


Next workshops - to be announced


These workshops are a small group, usually 6 - 8  women, and are a practical and fun way to learn more about being assertive, to practice new skills to help you respond more confidently and to learn about the skills of being mindful and developing self-compassion. 


I am also planning an assertiveness 'master class'. These sessions will be for a small group of women who have attended the first course or already have some sense of their own assertiveness and want to refresh their skills and explore the links with mindfulness and self-compassion.


The programmes draw extensively on 'A woman in your own right' by Anne Dickson which was republished in 2012, 30 years after the first edition.


For more information on the workshops and to book a place contact Jo on:

07590 107455

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07590 107455

"Assertiveness is learning to respond assertively when you are under fire; learning to hold on to the knowledge of your basic rights when you need them most;  learning to operate from a basis of inner trust and acceptance".