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Appointments and Fees

For the duration of the COVID crisis all sessions are virtual- using zoom or Skype or the phone.


I am working to the same schedule as previously so that when this is all over we can continue to meet at the same time.  I will always ask to have an initial phone conversation with you prior to meeting to get a sense of what brings you to therapy and whether what I can offer might be useful for you.


I am always happy to meet with people for an initial introductory session to see if counselling or therapy might work for you and if you feel comfortable working with me.


All the research shows that good outcomes in therapy and counselling depend on the quality of the relationship between the two people. This may take a little longer to establish in a virtual context but it is very possible. An initial session is an opportunity to get a feel for each other, for using the technology, to get a sense of whether we can work together.  If we both feel this is right we then agree to meet for either an identified number of sessions or with an open-ended contract.


We will meet for a 50 minute session once a week, talk about what has been happening to you, how your history has impacted on you, and where you feel stuck. People often tell me that simply hearing themselves talk, thinking about the questions I ask, reflecting on what has been happening in a different way, is immensely helpful.




The fee is £75 session. All fees are payable by bank transfer, or if we are meeting, credit card or cash.


I also offer a sliding scale of fees which are:

For people with an income of £30- £50k - £65

For people with an income of £20-£30K - £55

For people with an income of less than £20K - £45


If you have lost income because of COVID19 get in touch and we will see if we can find a fee level we both can manage.

For more information or to book an appointment:


07590 107455

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For more information on my services and how I can help you why not get in touch for an informal chat.


07590 107455

"Healing doesn’t mean the pain never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives."